Client Education

Laser Therapy is now available for your injured or aging pet

We are happy to report that our 30-day trial period of theraputic laser treatment produced such positive results that we have made teraputic laser part of our standard arsenal of treatment options!

The laser treatment is a holistic approach to reducing pain and inflammation in stiff joints, reducing lick granulomas, speeding up recovery time after surgical procedures, and much much more.


Learn how to spot Peridontal Disease in your loved one


  • Tooth loss
  • Subdued behavior
  • Abnormal drooling
  • Dropping food out of the mouth
  • Swallowing food whole
  • Bad breath
  • Yellow-brown crust on teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Going to the food bowl, but not eating
  • Change of chewing or eating habits.

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