Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

Having to make that tough decision to say goodbye to your pet is something none of  us wants to face.  Victor Veterinary Hospital will do all that we can to help you through that decision making process.  When that time comes, we offer the following options:

Euthanasia:  If possible, we will schedule euthanasias during quieter times.  To reduce any stress, your pet will first be lightly sedated.  Once relaxed, the final drug is administered.  You and your family/friends are welcome to be present and to take as much time as needed to say goodbye.  We also make house calls.

Cremation:  We work with a crematory out of Ribgy, Id.  Your pet’s ashes are never mixed with others and you have the option of having the ashes returned to you or having the crematory spread the ashes.  If choosing the former, you will receive the ashes in a decorative wooden box in approximately two weeks time.

Pet Disposal by VVH:  If requested, we will handle disposal.