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We are a full-service small and equine animal hospital happily serving all of Teton Valley including Victor & Driggs, Swan Valley, & Jackson Hole areas. Victor Veterinary Hospital is capable of handling your animal problems. We focus on preventive medicine to keep your pet living a long and healthy life.
We look forward to helping you keep your pets healthy and happy throughout this winter season.

We are 100% open but Due to Covid 19 precautions if you prefer curbside service please let us know.

We Love Every Pet

We love every pet, so your pet feels relaxed and stress free.


We take pride in giving you and your pet the best service in the valley. We use these helpful resources to make sure your pet is taken care of by...

Animal Experts

Our professional team provides exceptional attention to every animal for all of our patients.

Our Services

Victor Veterinary Hospital : Full Service Small Animal, Equine and Livestock Veterinary Care

Wellness & Preventative Care

Since pets can’t tell us with words what diseases or symptoms they may be feeling it is necessary for them to have a comprehensive exam and...

Full Equine Services , reproductive, and lameness

Victor Veterinary Hospital offers full service equine veterinary care for Teton Valley, Driggs, Victor, Jackson, Tetonia, Felt,  Swan Valley and...

Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Our in-house testing abilities include pre-surgical lab work, microscope, urinalysis, blood chemistry and electrolyte analysis which are all...

Referral Services

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Dental Care and Cleaning

Small Animal and Equine Dentistry is a specialty. Victor Veterinary Hospital offers the highest quality dental care for our canine, feline, equine...

Nutritional Consultations

We happily serve Victor, Driggs, Swan Valley, Jackson Hole, and all of Teton Valley including Tetonia and Felt.

Hospitalization and Intensive Care for seriously ill patients

Hospitalization and Intensive Care for seriously ill patients.

Pain Management

Victor Vet finds the most pride in providing the best pain management available for all of our patients. 

Hospice Care

We serve Victor, Driggs, Swan Valley, Jackson Hole, and all of Teton Valley including Tetonia and Felt.

Soft tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

Surgical services, spay neuter discount programs, feral cat services. We offer abdominal, and soft tissue surgery.  We believe orthopedic surgery...

Farm Call Services

Herd health, obstetrics, dairy, organic farms, poultry

Retail Location for High Quality pet food and pet suplies

We happily serve Swan Valley, Jackson Hole, and all of Teton Valley including Tetonia and Felt.

Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

Victor Veterinary Hospital is there for you and your pet during hospice and euthanasia.  We believe that no animal deserves to suffer or feel...

I highly recommend Victor Veterinary Hospital!  It is a very valuable resource in Teton Valley.  Dr. Maura and all the staff are wonderful.  They go above and beyond the normal call of duty and always exceed my expectations.  I'm probably one of their most difficult clients.  I raise my dairy goats in accordance with USDA organic standards.  This makes treatment very challenging as most medications and treatments are not permitted within these standards.  Dr. Maura always meets the challenge by offering suggestions and recommendations to work within the guidelines.  She is supportive of my decisions even when they go against conventional treatment.  At VVH, I don't feel like a client, I feel like part of a family.  Thanks for the excellent care!

Endless Winter Farm
Julie Schwartz
I have been taking my animals to Victor Vet Hospital for the past 1 1/2 years and I can’t say enough about this amazing clinic!  Dr. Maura and her incredible staff have been nothing but professional, compassionate and supportive of my hobby farm of animals!  Through broken broken bones, scratches, sick baby goats to helping care for my elderly dog during her twilight years I am eternally grateful for all the ladies at Victor Vet!
It’s hard to be brief when talking about you all!
Julie Schwartz
Meghan Thranhardt

After almost 9 years of Victor Vet Hospital care, I still trust them with my furry family members. They have provided care and comfort through organ and bone cancers, diabetes, injuries, vaccinations, dental cleanings, boarding, spaying, blindness and other emergencies. They have been professional and receptive to any health concerns for my dogs, cats, and a rabbit through the years. Thank you for all the love and support you provide Teton Valley pets, Victor Vet!

Meghan Thranhardt